Herbal Chywanprash

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Product Benefits

  • IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Doubles immunity, suitable for all age groups in all seasons. Stimulates the body’s immunity against common day-to-day infections like cough & cold, allergies and infections due to seasonal weather changes.
  • GENERAL WELLNESS & RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Supports overall health & well-being. Enhances overall strength & energy, supports digestive system. Sharpens memory and encourages brain functions. Aids in purification of blood and in elimination of toxic elements from the body. Fights with respiratory issues and also aids lung functioning to an extent.
  • LOW SUGAR, PURE CHYAWANPRASH: Does contain very less sugar.
  • DEVBOOTI FRESHNESS: Devbooti Chywanprash is made in small batch sizes to prepare fresh, effective chyawanprash which actually gives results. We don’t store amla from previous seasons but prepare fresh batch of sustainably sourced amla to get the true benefit of Vitamin C with high antioxidant value.
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How to Use

  • With its tangy sweet-sour taste it can be taken directly, with milk or as a bread spread. We recommend taking 1/2 tsp for children, 1 tsp for adults, twice daily followed by warm milk or water.


Cane sugar, Amla fruit , Grape fruit , Forest, honey, Mesua flower, Cardamom fruit, Long pepperfruit, Indian cassia leaf, Cinnamon bark, Ghee tclarified butter(milk)I, Chebulic myrobalan fruitrind, Boerhavia root, Tribulusfruit, etiverroot, Phyllanthus amarus whole plant, Indian kudzu root, Cyperusroot, Ashwagandha root, Blue whiss whole plant, Chinese pistachio gall, Indian elecampane root, Uraria picta whole plant, Spiked gingerlily rhizome, Waterlily flower, Martynia diandra whole plant, Bamboo stem, Leptadenia stem, Heart-leafsida root Arani whole plant, Malay bush beech bark, Fragrant padri tree whole plant, Yellow-fruit nightshade whole plant, Three-lobe-leaf
cowpea whole plant,Salanum anguiviroot, Shatavariroot, Oroxylum bark, Malabar nut tree aerial part, Indian tinospora stem, Bad tree bark .

Does not contain Wheat, Soy, Egg,Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Fish or Shellfish.Keep the bottle closed at all times except when in use. Keep the product away from sunlight and store, in a cool dry place.